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Customer reference slide 1st - Samsung Electronics logo
  • “We needed a centralised platform that could support collaboration among our diverse teams, but most of the available tools were challenging for non-tech teams to learn. Morningmate has been immensely helpful to our team, boosting our work efficiency to new heights.”
  • Manufacturing

    Contract signed for 10K staff in DS division (22.08)

Customer reference slide 2nd - Hyundai Mobis logo
  • “Working with Morningmate has truly been seamless with our workflow. Our team has tried so many different collaboration tools, but it always becomes an extra step so after some time, we stop using it with how fast paced is our work. Morningmate just keeps up and integrates with our processes and even optimises tasks to make work simpler.”
  • Automotive

    7K staff are in use (19.05)

Customer reference slide 3rd - Hyundai logo
  • “Moving from manual scheduling and management to a centralised workflow has made keeping record and cross-checking work easier. Now, we never miss a thing!”
  • Construction

    Contract signed for 600 staff (21.03)

Customer reference slide 4th - KT logo
  • “Working with Morningmate has reduced over 60% of our meeting time by optimizing project management and tasks. Projects can be easily updated and onboarding new members is fast and simple.”
  • ICT

    2k staff are using to collaborate with partners (21.02)

Customer reference slide 5th - Mirae Asset logo
  • “Morningmate is our company’s social media, it keeps our team engaged and productive. The improvement in communication and sharing has helped improve team inter-relations and optimize workflow.”
  • Finance

    500 staff in IT division are in use (22.01)

Essential work tools made simple and integration free

  • Your workspace on a feed
    Collaborate on a unique work feed that organises all of your work posts chronologically like a social feed, making it easy to surf through projects and tasks seamlessly with everyone.
  • Plan and track tasks easily

    Simplify planning tasks for your projects into 5 easy steps:

    • Write about the task
    • Assign teammates in charge
    • Set deadlines and priorities
    • List all subtasks
    • Select progress status
  • Work through posts
    Forget about all the lost documents and constant resending of work. Attach important files and information on a post, pin it to find it quickly, and engage with the team directly through comments to get their feedback.
  • Stay connected with the team
    Schedule physical or virtual meetings with everyone by adding a location, video conference link through ZOOM or MS Teams integrations, and even set up reminder notifications so you never miss any event.
  • Work with everyone seamlessly
    Invite external teammates to collaborate in projects through email or link and make teamwork effortless. Whether it’s through web, desktop, or mobile, keep your work flowing at your own convenience.

Spend time on what truly matters

Save 55m of work per day avoiding communicational inefficiencies so you can focus on the important tasks.

  • 7.5H
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Calls
With morningmate
  • 6H
  • Task
  • Event
  • To Do
Man picture with task icon, check icon, calendar icon.

Based on 1,429 real user activity data in 2022, teams using Morningmate have saved an avg. of 55m of time spent on email, messenger, and calls.

What makes us different?

See how our all-in-one platform stacks up against other popular project management tools.

Non Tech friendly Learning required Learning Unrequired Tech friendly

Morningmate replaces the frequent apps you use for work

Save money and increase productivity. See how our workflow platform compares to bundling Slack and Jira together:

  • Price comparison section - slack logo
    Realtime Chat
    $15.00mo / per person
  • Price comparison section - Jira logo
    Project Management
    $15.25mo / per person
  • $30.25 month / per user
    $363.00 year / per person


  • Price comparison section - Morningmate logo
    All-In-One Collaboration
    $14.99mo / per person
  • Task manager To-do lists Realtime chat Comments
    Zoom intergration File storage Workflow views
  • $14.99 month / per user
    $179.88 year / per person
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