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Support your cohorts with tools that make engagement feel natural and effortless

  • Break the pyramid Spark innovation by dissolving fear of rank so creative diversity can flourish
  • Nurture culture Improve team synergy by empowering a culture of honesty and pro-activity
  • Harness skills Engage natural strengths with interactive tools to make collaboration more effective

Grow your company’s collaborative culture

Unify and learn together with tools that support effective teamwork

  • Initiate a connection

    Schedule meetings or events and brief the details

    Invite participants and set reminders

    Add location map or generate video call links directly when needed

  • Read the room

    Encourage involvement with interactive polls

    Fully adjust settings including anonymous voting

    Comment to add depth to feedback

  • Video call integration

    Create Zoom or MS Team calls

Culminate robust collaboration with all the tools you need for interaction

Learn how companies are benefiting from collaborative culture

  • How to structure a marketing team

    Follow this workflow management guide tailored toward marketing teams

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  • Coocon’s Efficiency Upgrade

    Learn how secure collaboration enhanced data security and team efficiency

  • Workflow Templates

    Duplicate and share the workflow formats you love to use

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