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Keep sensitive data close to home

Enhance or scale your organization’s internal software while maintaining direct control over data security.

What role can on-site cloud management play in your company or organization?

  • Full security control

    Directly oversee the secure and compliant handling of sensitive or proprietary data.

  • Flexible scalability

    Maintain agility through growth and fluctuating work demands.

  • Reliable performance

    Ensure consistent performance of critical applications for seamless user experience.

  • Product support from real humans

    Achieve complete digital transformation with personalized support

    Tailored setup

    Onboard training

    Direct support

  • Tailored setup Our experts will help you maximize customization potential
  • Onboard training We'll teach you the ins and outs of the platform
  • Direct support Speak directly with our support team, never outsourced or automated

Browse pre-made templates to quick-start your company's workflow

  • 01. Secret message
    Secret message mode enables auto-deleting messages that keep your conversations private.
  • 02. File download monitoring
    Account admins can track file download activities.
  • 03. Block file downloads
    Account admins can restrict file downloads so users can only read through the web viewer.
  • 04. Screenshot monitoring
    Detect screenshot actions from Apple devices, creating a history log in real-time.
  • 05. Disable screen capture
    Account admins can block screen capturing on Android devices.
  • 06. 2-Factor authentication
    Additional verification protects against unusual login attempts.
  • 07. Prevent multiple logins
    Restrict multiple logins for desktop and mobile.
  • 08. Feed access
    Restrict user access to specific workflow feeds.
  • 09. Account control
    Resigned accounts are easily manageable to protect data from retirees.
  • 10. Data encryption
    All customer data is encrypted and securely managed.

Enjoy the integration of tools you already rely on

  • Zapier

    Connects apps to create automated workflow with triggers and actions. Streamline tasks, integrate data, and enhance productivity without coding skills.

  • Native integrations

    Align Zoom, MS Teams, Google calendar, and more to your in-platform workflow.

  • Open API

    Allow your developers access in order to leverage the strengths of different software to comprise one unified platform for your company’s unique needs.

  • "I chose Morningmate because I could share a huge amount of business data without any security issues."

    Kim Yong-chan, Team Leader, Coocon Strategic Planning Department