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Security & Admin Console

Set and share the structure of your company to benefit process implementation among team collaborators.

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Get the bird’s eye view

See all projects, team members, usage stats, and manage security settings in one convenient location.

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Limit access

Control the flow of need-to-know information using tools across devices so even mobile work is protected.

Manage user accounts

Send auto-deleting messages

Admin privileges extend to all devices

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Supervise sensitive data

Monitor permissions by user and device and reduce unauthorized access to protected information.

Admin & User Security Features

  • 01. Secret message
    Secret message mode enables auto-deleting messages that keep your conversations private.
  • 02. File download monitoring
    Account admins can track file download activities.
  • 03. Block file downloads
    Account admins can restrict file downloads so users can only read through the web viewer.
  • 04. Screenshot monitoring
    Detect screenshot actions from Apple devices, creating a history log in real-time.
  • 05. Disable screen capture
    Account admins can block screen capturing on Android devices.
  • 06. 2-Factor authentication
    Additional verification protects against unusual login attempts.
  • 07. Prevent multiple logins
    Restrict multiple logins for desktop and mobile.
  • 08. Feed access
    Restrict user access to specific workflow feeds.
  • 09. Account control
    Resigned accounts are easily manageable to protect data from retirees.
  • 10. Data encryption
    All customer data is encrypted and securely managed.
  • Network Security

    Unidentified external access to the server and database is strictly blocked.

  • Data Encryption

    All traffic and data on the platform are encrypted and managed securely.

  • Incident Respones

    In the rare event of a security breach, our support team available 24/7.

Data Protection Compliance Certifications

  • ISO/IEC 27001 : 2013

    The world’s best-known standard for information security management systems.

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    Internationally recognized certification for a cloud service provider’s security posture.

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  • GDPR Compliant

    In compliance with EU privacy laws.

  • Powerful AWS Cloud Security

    Trust world-class AWS cloud security infrastructure to protect your information and data assets against viruses and cyber security attacks.

  • "I chose Morningmate because it was easy to manage work while meeting ... regulations in the financial sector."

    KB Capital IT Strategy Department Assistant Mannager Jeonggeun Yoon

  • Morningmate through work securely on any device

    Security standards extend to all devices so your data is secure whether accessing Morningmate via mobile, tablet, desktop, or web browser