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Stay afloat in a sea of requests

Manage requests in one convenient location with tools to receive, address, and resolve

  • Initiate Receive, assign, and organize requests using a variety of features
  • Track Send or receive notifications as tasks progress
  • Resolve Automatically notify all relevant parties when a request is resolved

Your centralized exchange station

Keep requests organized, connect with supporting players, and update teams automatically

  • Request collection

    Receive requests in designated workspaces so incoming and oustanding tasks stay sorted

    Collect requests using task posts, which can be assigned, prioritized, and parsed into subtasks

    Pin checklists to the top of the feed so important milestones are tracked and visible to the entire team

  • Keep a watchful eye

    Reflect progress via tasks status update icons and tag the next responsible party

    Follow up on assignments and deadlines via comment or private DM

    Utilize likes and reactions for shorthand feedback or visibility tracking

  • Broadcast your results

    Monitor real-time graphic representations of total tasks and their degree of completion

    Use AI to generate summaries of request categories so you can analyze various metrics of success

    Utilize data to praise team members as they excel, or to alter strategies for improved efficiency

Your task request tracking toolbox

Introducing AI Assistance

Manage work personally or professionally
at every scale

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