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Posts & Tasks

Discover dynamic tools for comprehensive planning and execution

  • Streamline workflow Structured task processes enhance autonomy, allowing for quicker turnarounds
  • Adapt work easily Save time through changing needs and conditions with tools designed for flexibility
  • Hit goals on time Oversee project milestones to guarantee a seamless and timely outcome

Post up until the work is done

Conquer tasks together and on time with self-contained posts

  • Post toolbar

    Use 5 tools to align and execute duties

    Delegate with ease and clarity

    Standardize work request formats

  • Task planner & tracker

    Specify task details, supplement with file attachments

    List subtasks as needed

    Assign members, due dates, and priorities

  • Check your goals

    Keep track of key milestones within a project

    Assign members and due dates

    Make it easy to track frequently repeated tasks

  • Post layouts

    Start with pre-made workspaces that offer different types of layouts

    Create custom post layouts that you can repeat

Make your work experience engaging with interactive tools

Learn how companies use posts to foster ease and connectivity

  • Operations management 101

    Explore 5 functions and tools you need for operational success

    Explore blogs
  • BGF Retail

    See in action optimized communication and tracking according to customer needs

  • Customization

    A variety of options allow you to define your perfectly personalized platform

    Explore features