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Plan an ideal structure for each venture with flexible tools and layouts

  • Take control Enhance security and workflow control with access and permissions management
  • Make it yours Personal design options add to motivation by virtue of a work hub the user loves to use
  • Bridge locations Improve cohesion of global teams working across distance and time

Build the space you need to bring dreams to life

Adjust the platform to suit you, not the other way around

  • Let your workspace reflect you

    Customize your profile, platform theme, and language

    Update your profile “status” for others to see

    Drag and drop chosen widgets and other tools on your dashboard

  • Minimize the red bubbles

    Allow notifications based on involvement

    Restrict notifications outside working hours

  • Regulate movement

    Assign workspace access permissions

    Define who can edit and view posts

  • Work on any device

    Download for desktop, iOS, and android

    Work directly in browser using web mode

    Integrate frequently used 3rd party apps

Apply an array of adaptable tools to craft your workflow

See how companies have customized Morningmate for their organization

  • Chat Window Update

    Improved features including transparency adjustment and enhanced UX/UI

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  • BGF Retail

    Upgraded communication and tracking to suit customer needs

  • Product Overview

    Discover the big picture benefits of a flexible digital platform

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