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Onboarding & Transitions

Smooth out personnel changes with tools that keep essential elements organized and in one place

  • Clarity Give new workers direct access to all the essential info they need to succeed
  • Integration Clear task records aid new members as they establish within existing teams
  • Support Build resources to empower a confident and autonomous team

Keep business on track through shifting conditions

Whether onboarding or exiting, keep team synergy strong and bring new members into the fold quickly

  • Getting started

    Invite new users to the platform with a simple link, then update your organigram & employee permissions

    Create an HR workspace to house manuals and other onboarding materials & collect employee information

    Add new members to the workspaces related to their job functions, then check in with a direct message

  • Seamless departures & arrivals

    Have AI generate task posts to help new teammates orient to existing workflows

    Users can review workspace feed history to gain context & understanding of ongoing projects

  • Keep up momentum

    Dedicate a workspace to training materials and support articles

    Create peer support workspaces to encourage internal troubleshooting and problem solving

    Reach out to Morningmate customer support any time to get the most out of the platform

More features for a painless transition

Introducing AI Assistance

Manage work personally or professionally
at every scale

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