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How does it feel to wake up and not be already
overwhelmed with the stresses of the day?

  • Work starts bright with morningmate

    There you are at work, all your projects neatly planned, you have tracked and assigned all the important tasks down to the smallest details. Before you know it, you’ve already finished all the “monkey work,” leaving you the rest of the day for you to focus on what truly matters.

  • That’s how work should always feel like–simple.

    It’s time to leave the old ways of using email and spreadsheets to powerful dashboards with familiar workspaces, intuitive tools, and engaging comments that will surely get your team’s reaction.

It’s a new dawn for

Back in 2015, a bunch of folks from different backgrounds got together with a cool idea: to make a collaboration platform that anyone can use, whether you're a tech whiz or a newbie.
And that's exactly what they did - they created a platform that's user-friendly and accessible to all.
Their passion for this vision brought Morningmate to life, which is recognized as in the Asian market, and has continuously grown its user base and earned various accolades in South Korea due to its intuitive interface, robust feature set, and unwavering commitment to user satisfaction.
Morningmate remains committed to its founding vision and strives to keep breaking the boundaries of not only team collaboration, but also the cultural barriers between teams to encourage inclusivity and diversity in the workspace around the world.

The number 1 collaboration tool of south Korea’s Top
Brands Worldwide

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