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Records & Performance

Ease transitions and shifts in responsibility with a complete view of past, present, and future

  • Onboarding & transitions Alleviate ambiguity for new hires adopting current responsibilities
  • Departure security Avoid hazards off-boarding personnel while protecting data without loss
  • Performance reports See at-a-glance progress reports and fulfillment of assigned tasks

Your trajectory recorded and measured

Keep a history of your accomplishments, discoveries, and performance

  • Well-drafted information

    Edit text blog-style and supplement with files

    Pin articles so vital context remains at the top of the feed

    Use “#keywords” to categorize your data

  • Activities record

    Automatic log of movements and activities for the entire workspace

    See who has read your post or message

    Automatically generate comments denoting status updates

  • A quicker way to search

    Universal or workspace-specific search

    Search for content through filter options

    Bookmark important posts

  • Task summary report

    Quick-view of task performance summaries

Chronicle your company’s history within a customized framework

Companies leverage their records and reports for growth, so can you

  • Morningmate User Report 2022

    Review quantitative data showing the benefits of using Morningmate

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  • Bokja Girl’s High School

    Accessible technology easy for both students and teachers to use

  • Private Cloud Hosting

    Bring Morningmate to your secure servers for on-premise security

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