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Admin Console

Simplify oversight and management from a singular control hub

  • Manage teams Populate organizational charts to readily relay roles and flow of information
  • Secure login traffic Keep your data protected, monitor or restrict logins by device or IP address
  • Acquire insights Statistics on user access and ongoing post activity aid organizational strategy

Organize a secure place of work

Create organizational charts and set permissions to keep your work secured

  • Craft your organizational chart

    Make use of an organizational chart to define departments and permissions

    Add or remove users to roles and workspaces

    Assign workspaces access and editing permissions by department

  • Simplify organizational management

    Oversee projects created by your team

    Get activity statistics across workspaces

  • Detect trends

    View logins by day, week, or month with a breakdown by device type

    Gauge the platform’s efficacy with feature usage statistics

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  • Coocon

    Enhanced security for collaboration between IT teams

  • Organizational Management

    Structure your hierarchy for easy permission settings

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