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Workflow Views

Define your pace and rhythm through personally crafted virtual desks

  • Adopt versatility Save time with layouts you can rearrange, customize, and use repeatedly
  • Drive purpose Create specialized workspaces for each scope so function and purpose remain clear
  • Work in comfort Optimize your virtual suite for tidy and intuitive responsibility management

Devote an optimized workspace to every need

Arrange layouts for a precise and dynamic virtual workspaces

  • Decide your default display

    Feed view offers full details of whole posts in chronological order

    Switch to list mode for a more succinct view

    Pin and filter posts at the top of the feed

  • Zoom in on tasks

    Use task list view to group primary tasks together

    View and filter task lists from all of your workspaces

    Download tasks to spreadsheet files

  • From task list to Gantt chart

    Automatically generate visual timelines from published posts

    Easily spot task dependencies with intuitive visual aids

    Distribute responsibilities evenly

  • Set it and don’t forget it

    Manage meetings and deadlines in a convenient calendar view

    Sync in-app calendar with your Google calendar account

  • Enjoy user-friendly file managment

    View your library of files as list or thumbnails

    Organize files into folders and share across workspaces

Start building your fluid virtual office with versatile features

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